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Unlock endless possibilities as a Host with Emprezaa Talents! With just 40 hours per month, you can turn your passion into profit. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just starting out, our platform offers a supportive community and valuable opportunities to showcase your skills. Join us in connecting with audiences worldwide, sharing your expertise, and building a rewarding career on your terms. Start your journey to success with Emprezaa Talents today!

How to become an official host?

Step 1. Download BIGO LIVE!

To start hosting with our agency it is essential to have the broadcasting platform installed.

You can download the application here: https://slink.bigovideo.tv/UN87XL

Step 2. Apply with Emprezaa Talents

Once you have BIGO Live installed, it is time to sign up as an official host. 

Grab your ID from your profile, and fill in the subscription form.

Step 3. Audition video

Once your profile has been checked by the platform, we will move on with your audition. 

All you have to do is introduce yourself in a short video (max. 2 min). It is very important to mention your name, your skills, the languages you speak and what you will bring to the platform. 

Step 4. Sign your contract

Congratulations! You are now an official host. All that rest is to identify yourself on the platform and sign your contract. 


Upload a copy of your ID and a selfie. Add your personal information and sign as an official host!

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You can find your BIGO ID on your profile page.
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